Sheet music shelf

As I sit in the store and wait for paint to dry….I thought I would give an update.

I completed this yesterday:

This is how it looked before:

It is pretty solid.  Made from oak veneer –nothing special about but it is in good shape.

I did the sheet music again.  yet again.  I have had a few requests for it.  There was a lady that came into the store whose sister is a musician and she was tickled and thrilled with the furniture that had sheet music on it and wanted to see more pieces.

So I painted it with Annie Sloan’s “Old Linen”.  Great colour.  It is kind of grey-ish and kind of beige-ish.

And then distressed it and waxed it.

I put the sheet music on the back only, or rather kept the sheet music on the back only!  I did do the sides and of course when I tried to get the shelves in -they scraped the paper off….yeah, like I didn’t know that would happen- did it anyway.

I tried a different application with the sheet music.  This time I used wallpaper paste.  I did a coat under and then another on top.  It worked out so much better than regular decoupage paste.  There are far less bumps and it dried matte- so even where it is not perfect it is very difficult to see the imperfections.

I pretty much place the sheet music according to its pattern.  Sometimes from the same book- sometimes not.  To my eye it is the pattern that is important….which got me thinking- for those who are able to read music, would the fact that the script is not one continuous song, be difficult to live with?  Would it be disturbing for those who have music in their lives?  hmmmm…….??


6 thoughts on “Sheet music shelf

  1. I think this is super. I have seen other “musical” furniture, and think I might try it out myself sometime. Thanks for the tip about the wallpaper paste. I play the piano, and I don’t think that it’s a big deal that it’s not one continuous song… it’s not like you will actually be playing off this music!

  2. I’m hearing so much about the chalk paint in blogland lately. Can I ask you…how does it hold up against knicks? I refinish with regular paint in layers and use floor finish to seal, but would like to try the chalk paint…just worried about the durability factor. Love your style! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kristen! The chalk paint is finished with wax. So far in my experience it has held up quite well against knicks. I have bumped a few pieces in my studio and they haven’t taken off paint or any thing like that. What I have noticed that makes a difference is the layers of wax. If you do a thick coat of wax it will end up a bumpy gloppy mess. It is much better to do two very thin coats- just a bit of wax on the brush and really work it in to the paint. It takes longer but it looks better and is stronger.

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