Unless you are Polish or know somebody that is Polish you have probably never heard of Boleslawiec.

Boleslawiec (pronounced Bowl le swav ee etz) is a style of pottery that originates from the south of Poland.  It is all hand made, hand stamped and hand painted.

There are over 1000 different patterns but each is recognizable as being Boleslawiec.

For example:

This is one of their most famous patterns.  It is quite distinguishable with the circular pattern.

As you can see it is quite bold and has a very strong pattern.  This pattern is stamped onto the pieces so it takes precision and skill to complete one piece.  There is often some designs with brush paintings but it is mostly stamped.

This style is a love or hate thing- it is really strong and bold- definitely a folk style- I don’t know about a whole table setting but one or two large pieces would be beautiful additions.

The above is a much more simplified style but still quite lovely.

I used to have this pattern but before we moved to Poland we had a big garage sale and it was sold (bought by a Polish lady)!!

Just yesterday I was at a store that sells this pottery and I came across these.

Knobs!!  I love knobs and unfortunately I have yet to find a store that has a drool worthy selection.

I think they are pretty cute- I have nothing to use them with yet…..I am searching though.

picture source–this link also shows in detail how the pottery is made.


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