Attempting to come up with my own personal design style has often lead me nowhere.  I don’t have one specific style that I gravitate towards- I like so many aspects of so many designs….hence the name “design disorder”.

When studied “History of Furniture” in school- it seemed I had a new favourite every week- the carvings and marquetry of the Louis to the minimalism of modern furniture.  I like them all.  However, looking back I do have one that sticks out as my favourite of the favourites.

The Art Nouveau period or specifically the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


For those not familiar with him, Mackintosh was an architect from Glasgow, Scotland.   What is so great about his work is that as well as being an architect he was also a furniture designer, textile artist, painter, sculpter and interior designer.  In his projects it was important for all aspects of the works to be cohesive – so we can see relationships between furniture, paintings, architecture and other items.

Some of his works include:

source  The Willow Tearooms

source Queen’s Cross church Glasgow

source  The Argyle Chair

source  His artwork.

Probably most recognizable is his stained glass work.

source This is from a door panel from one of his buildings.

source  This is just a sample of his works- there is so much more to investigate.

His styling is very simple and linear and very organic -using natural materials and symbols that are taken from nature as is the entire Art Nouveau period.

This style swept through many countries in Europe- particularly France.  Probably the most memorable aspects of the Art Nouveau period is the lettering.

source Even the letters resemble his furniture!

source easily one of the world most recognizable Art Nouveau designs of our world- not the works of Mackintosh but if you read more on the style and influences of this period- you will see a lot of similarities that influenced many designers of this era that spread across Europe- from Scotland to Russia and everywhere in between!


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