In over my head…..maybe

I bought this chair

It is probably not visible in this photo but one of the arms is broken and one of the springs has popped.  I knew that when I bought it.  It is a clean break so I didn’t think it would be a huge problem and the spring usually isn’t a big deal—and the price was right!

So yesterday I began to take it apart.  This is what was under the fabric.

There is burlap, straw and batting and foam that disintegrates into dust when I touch it.  But, the details of the chair are really great.  The legs are really nice and the overall shape is super.

I have taken the arm off for repair- now I have to get rid of the massive amounts of dried glue, the material on the seat has come off – much to my frustration.  I have actually decided to put this one on hold for a bit.  My work room is packed full of furniture so I need to work on a few of the bigger pieces so I can have more space.

I was actually able to up cycle part of this chair…..

This is one of the flower boxes outside of my store- I used the grass from the chair to add a rustic touch to the fall flowers.  Not bad.


2 thoughts on “In over my head…..maybe

  1. Go ahead and dive right in! The chair will be a challenge but I think you’re up for it.
    According to your post you are going to be so busy with projects…….looking forward to seeing more good stuff!

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