Paint the inside or not?

Today I bought a huge closet and a antique toddler bed- they are a mess.  I can’t even get a good photo because my work room is jam packed full of furniture.

You get the idea.


At this moment I am painting an old oak cabinet that has really nice carving details.  More on this tomorrow.

Each time I paint a piece of furniture I go through the same dilemma- Should I paint the inside or not?  The inside is usually the last thing I paint as it takes me a while to decide.

I like the look of the interiors painted however, it is often not practical.  If the piece is going to be used for something that could create scratches then I will paint the sides and put wallpaper or liner on the bottom.

If the piece is in good shape and the interior is ok, I will often just paper the bottom.  But if the furniture will be used for something like clothes or towels then I paint all surfaces of the interior.

I also like unexpected blasts of colour when you open up a drawer or door-  adds a bit of spice and this can be done with bright and colourful wallpapers, shelf papers or paint.

For example, back to the first commissioned piece I did with the sheet music- I decoupaged the drawer bottoms with sheet music which gave it a nice  finishing touch.

First Commissioned piece.

I have in store a very large cabinet- I see this being used for things like clothes or other soft items so I painted the interior the same as the exterior.

I am finishing up my recent piece by painting the interior and adding paper to the bottom- I will do the same with the drawers.

Some other pieces that I have done I decided to leave the inside “as is”- They are in good condition but I also give the potential buyer the option of having it finished if they decide to buy it.

This last one with the sheet music on the drawer was in really good condition so there was really no need to paint it.  I also foresee this being used for pens, pencils and other  little things that would freely move around when a drawer was opened and cause a lot of scratches.

Part of refinishing old furniture is recognizing what they might be used for- clothes, books, a mini bar or even a t.v and electronic accessories- and finish accordingly.


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