I had a big delivery yesterday.  Two chairs, a large shelf and two cabinets.  I pretty much knew exactly what I was going to do with each piece.  Except one.  I was a bit stumped on this piece.

Honestly I bought it because the price was pretty cheap.  I didn’t particularly like the styling of it- it is really clunky looking and boxy- but it is solid oak and quite substantial- so I played around with a few options for its new look.

I was thinking about some sort of stencil on the raised panel and also toying with the idea of a few different colours….I had a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head- but nothing felt right.  I came to the conclusion that had I “primped” it – it probably wouldn’t work.

I decided to paint it first- then wait for further inspiration.  I painted the body with Annie Sloan’s Country Grey and the top with Old White.

It looked pretty good with the paint.

So then I gave it a good distressing.  The panels and all the squares on the door actually really looked good.  Then I applied a bronzing wax to the wrought iron hinges to lessen the contrast from the black…..much better.

I then gave it a wax and buff treatment (like a spa for furniture!)

This is the result:

Here are close ups:

A close up of the wrought iron with the bronze wax – works much better with the Country Grey.

I am really happy with how it turned out.  It has sort of an Amish or Shaker feel to it- which would make sense seeing as it came from Germany.

Just proves that simplicity is often the best choice and sometimes letting shape of the furniture shine through the paint is the best option.


11 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. That cabinet is gorgeous!
    I came over here from a comment you left on Funky Junk Interiors, I noticed you’re a Canadian interior designer in Poland. Well, since I am a Dutch interior decorator (student) living in Canada, that sparked my interest! I am glad I’ve found you! Your blog is lovely and your furniture makeovers are very inspiring!

    1. Thanks Jadyn- a lot of the furniture I buy in Poland seems to be imported from either Holland or Germany- is this a typical style in Holland? Or is it from the 80’s? It is pretty stable but not so stylish. Good luck with your studies- what school do you attend?

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