I am not one for following trends when it comes to decorating.  That is the easiest way to date a room and many of us don’t have the time, energy or money to redecorate every year.

However, I am seeing the colour mustard in everything from sweaters and jackets to sofas and carpets- it seems to be quite new and fresh which makes me think that this colour will probably be “on trend” for quite some time.  Even my favourite Canadian magazine Canadian House and Home has many pages dedicated to mustard.  I read my issues via iPad – I have always loved this magazine and I get to see what is current in Canada and compare it to what is happening in Poland.

Maybe you are not as adventurous as painting your kitchen something like this:


Or this:


But it is still possible to bring this sunny rich colour into your life.  If you are a sewer you could make your own pillows, chair slipcovers or even curtain panels in a fabric like this:


Just think how refreshed a room would be with the addition of any of these fabrics!

Can’t sew?

Yellow pillows are pretty easy to find.  photo

Even a small lampshade will have impact when the colour is as vibrant as mustard. photo

And a sure fire way to brighten your entire space is by painting the walls in a fresh rich yellow or by laying down an area rug.

I have a feeling mustard yellow is going to be around for quite a while.  It is bold and fresh and really brings to life a room.  It also works well with many different colours- I don’t think I am daring enough to wear a mustard yellow jacket but I could definitely see myself with that carpet and those fabrics and perhaps Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Aries might make its way on to a few pieces of furniture in the store!


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