The make or break of a good blog….

When I made the jump into blog land–I made a commitment to myself to finally learn how to use my camera to the best of its and my ability.

I honestly thought that I if I had a good camera then I would be able to take really good pictures. (silly me)  I also thought that because my Dad was a photographer then I was genetically predisposed to taking good pictures. (silly me again)

My Dad was a photographer in the Canadian Air Force.  The majority of his work was taking portraits of the big whigs, parades, ceremonies and other military related stuff- like hanging him out the back of a plane with his camera strapped to his body so he could get some arial photos….(we’ve come a long way, baby!)

Photography was also my Dad’s hobby.  I remember countless nature walks, sitting for family portraits and doing all the things a teen age daughter would love to do. (seriously no)  I only wish I had more time on earth with my Dad- he died when I was 21- he was quite young at 46.  Regret is a terrible feeling- oh how I would love to be able to learn from him at this point in my life and be able to have somebody teach me the art of photography.

So, now I have a blog- and I am really trying to make an effort at making this thing work- primarily for me but maybe along the way somebody will learn something from what I have written.

A blog without good photos is like mashed potatoes without the gravy.  The photos are what entices a viewer to want to read your blog and ultimately follow along on your journey.  The photos give you the “wow factor” when blogging.

See what I mean:

There are loads more that have great photography  -these are some of my favourites.

Photos are also meant to illustrate the particular post from start to finish.  A visual step by step that allows the reader to fully comprehend the post.

The hardest part about blogging is remembering to think like a blogger.  It is necessary to take photos from beginning to end of whatever it is you are blogging about.  It seems necessary to have my camera on me at all times….a really good excuse to buy a new bag (legitimate excuse ;))

So, you will notice that my photos are not that great- they are not that bad either- but they don’t have “wow factor”.  It is ok- I can take it.  But I hope to change this.  I am learning.  What is funny is that I worked as a freelance stager for a Polish decorating magazine.  I did the staging and the photographer would look through his lens and explain how things needed to be for a photo shoot and I would change or move things- it was great being able to bounce ideas off of another person- but now I am flying solo- I am going it alone!

So- I am learning about aperture, f-stop, depth of field and a whole bunch of other stuff that will ultimately lead me to my goal of being able to take a good photo without using the full automatic mode on my camera.

And just to illustrate my journey I have attached a few photos of the same thing to show how different they are when in a different mode.

The above is A-DEP or automatic depth of field- it automatically calculates the depth of field.

The above is in manual mode where it is necessary to set both aperture and shutter speed.

The above is in Av mode- the aperture needs to be set but the camera controls the shutter speed.

The above is Tv mode which allows you to set the shutter speed.

The above is in the P mode where you can change the shutter speed or aperture.

This last one is in the fully automatic mode- point and shoot and the camera does the work for you.

So why have I posted these photos??  Well, I simply wanted to illustrate how a photo changes by changing what mode it is shot in.  The lighting conditions and item are all the same but the outcome of each photo is different.

So now I am trying to grasp all of the technical concepts necessary to make a great photo and maybe, just maybe, if I have an angel watching me who knows how to take really good photos- he will be proud.


4 thoughts on “The make or break of a good blog….

  1. Just found your blog and love it. I’m painting my kitchen with Annie Sloan and trying to decide between the wax finish and the lacquer finish. That’s another story, what I wanted to say as I read through your past posts is that I think your father would be very proud! Seems as though you’ve mastered your camera and you have a wonderful blog! I’ve forwarded a link to my friend, her husband is Polish and gets the Polish channel and just loves everything about his homeland.

    1. thank you so much! don’t know if I will ever master the camera….it is an ongoing process, but with practice hopefully it gets easier!! I do love Poland, sometimes she is difficult to be around but overall it is a good place to be!

      1. What part do you live in? My friend and her husband have gone I think three or four times, he paints beautiful pictures of the cities and castles there. Just amazing. Or at least I think so! I know he’d love to go back but he has trouble walking. Will you go back to Canada someday? I have been to New Brunswick and the Eastern coast of Canada, beautiful there too!

      2. Hi again!

        We live in Warsaw, my husband is from a city on the Baltic coast which is a resort town called Sopot. Unfortunately…we don’t live there because it is very nice!! We are planning to move back to Canada probably in about five years. I love the east coast- my sister lives in Halifax, great city!!

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