I have been wondering….

….if it is possible for me to maintain a blog??  I have such blog envy.  I have a good number of blogs that I follow, it is a peak into somebody’s life, an way to be inspired and a method of channelling creativity.  Many of these blogs I follow are updated every day- with photos!!

So, I registered almost a year ago and have been wondering since then if I would be able to maintain a blog.  I still don’t know but I will give it my best shot.

So if you decide to follow me- please be patient with me, I do have the best intentions but having a blog is kind of like getting a dog- it is a huge commitment!  So I will attempt to feed and walk this blog regularly- I can’t commit to every day….but I will do my best!


8 thoughts on “I have been wondering….

  1. Marti (Sragata)

    I love what you are doing, and would order from you if I could. I think that the shipping cost from you to Arkansas would be more than the furniture. I really like the blog and intend to follow you.

    1. Thanks Marti! I am still new at this whole thing but I have been wanting to try it out for some time. I think it is all about time management…..my fingers are crossed though, it is a good way to channel creativity!

  2. Carole (Ammie on Home Talk)

    Absolutely love your blog and wish I could drop in and see your store in person. I used to do some pieces like you do—but on a much smaller scale and nothing as beautiful as yours.
    You are a multi-talented lady and I will follow your blog. Good luck with your wonderful store.

  3. Nancy Howerton

    I have just read through your old blogs and love the work you do!! I have always wanted to paint and redesign old furniture, but am too chicken to begin!! Your work is inspiring!! Can we get the paint you use in the states? It looks and sounds like the best!!

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