Brush…..the new kid in town.

Brush is my new store- it has only been open for two weeks but took close to four months of preparation.  The idea is nothing new.  It is a refurbished furniture store.  I buy used pieces that are in good shape but otherwise out of date and I bring them up to date with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

The display of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and wax.  I cut up the palette that the paint arrived to Poland on–it was painted and waxed and has become the colour samples for the paint.

This store concept is new for Poland.  There are second hand furniture stores here- but few and far between.  There are importers of “Hollanderski Meble”  which is the crap people from Holland don’t want anymore.  There are antique shops which charge an arm and a leg for their pieces or their is Allegro (my favourite)- the Polish version of Ebay- I buy loads of stuff from here.

So, after being inspired by the many blogs out there- I decided that I wanted to open my own store, stock Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and offer new furniture and kitchens that have been custom made by a carpenter that I have worked with for over five years.

First Commissioned piece.

And…..there is photography, paintings, ceramics, glass art and sewn items like pillows and stuffed dolls—they are so cute!!

The building where Brush is located is in a prewar store front that was in the former Jewish district of Konstancin.  Needless to say- the place is in a bit of a state….I don’t mind- it is all part of the charm!!

I have a two rooms- a store front and a studio.  It is perfect.  And Luna, my Cocker Spaniel, is the best assistant ever.  I have sold three large pieces of furniture and a few smaller items- I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So….without further delay- here are some photos of Brush!!  I am thinking about redoing the front elevation- probably not till next year- but I have it on the brain.

country style chair

The inside is a mish mash.  Some things from these photos have sold- that is the reason there is a bit of disarray- they are waiting for their new owners.

So….if you are ever in Warsaw, Konstancin exactly- please drop in!


3 thoughts on “Brush…..the new kid in town.

  1. Congratulations on your new venture. How exciting that it is so unique in your area too. I’m sure it will be very successful. The colour samples from the crate is a great idea. Just one thing though, have you considered making your blog photos larger? It might just be my eyes, but I have trouble with the smaller photos and love to see the details.

  2. breffni

    Hi, Was just wondering if this was actual sheet music that you used and if so how did you seal the paper once attached to the dresser? Love the name of your shop by the way!

    1. Hi, I used wall paper paste. After I put the sheet music on (it is actual sheet music) I then put a thin layer of the paste to seal it.
      I have used decoupage paste and then a decoupage sealer but it didn’t work as well, good luck and thanks!

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